about NSNS

The result is a chaotic, perpetual, and overstimulating blend of images that mirrors the nature of online porn itself.





I’m a collage artist, a partner, colleague, neighbor, and friend.
The inspiration for my work? The wild and wonderful world of online porn.

Let’s be honest, hardly anyone talks openly about watching porn, but we all know it’s out there and a lot of us are watching it. Porn reflects our human lust and kinks, whether it’s staged or real. So, why not find beauty in it?

I have a thing for taboos, fantasies, and fetishes. A recurring theme in my work is my sock fetish. There’s just something hot about men who leave their socks on during sex. It’s charming, and there’s something undeniably masculine about that “I don’t care” attitude. But socks are just the beginning. I’m fascinated by a wide range of fetishes, whether I’m into them personally or not. It’s all about exploring and understanding these personal desires and bringing them into a new light.

Animated collages allow me to perfectly capture and express my vision by taking fragments from the endless catalog of porn and mashing them into new shapes and narratives. The result is a chaotic, perpetual, and overstimulating blend of images that mirrors the nature of online porn itself. My collages are composed of snippets from videos or digital photos I find online, mixed with material I edit using digital painting and sometimes assisted by AI. While my day job as a graphic designer hints at my skills, my art is my secret creative outlet, free from deadlines or rules. It allows me to explore my imagination with a world of explicit material waiting to be transformed.

I’ve been working on this collection since 2017. While my methods have remained consistent, I’m always exploring new angles to surprise and captivate my audience. I aim for my art to stimulate, fascinate, horrify, and amuse, ideally all at once.

So, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Featured on www.muscleservice.com


Featured on MIR26 Exhibition 2022

MIR26 – “Joy In Kink”
The exhibition “Joy In Kink” considers the power of finding, expressing, and creating joy through art and kink practices. This show in the third floor lobby gallery of Center on Halsted explored how artists represent joy in the process, experience, and documentation of their practice as well as through the humor and subversion of sexual norms.


Featured on Porn Film Festival Vienna 2023

THE BLISS OF PROVOCATION – Reclaiming Pleasure and Power

As digital and physical worlds increasingly converge, sexual expression, gender roles, and political power structures are being renegotiated. The influence of forums such as Pornhub, Grindr, Tinder, and even computer games & AI has become pervasive, creating new gateways to experience and perform sexuality. Against this backdrop, the relationship between power, gaze, and body in pornographic scenarios has become a subject of artistic investigation. Contemporary multimedia works featured in the exhibition challenge prevailing norms and explore the potential of pornography as a tool for resistance and emancipation. The goal is not simply to provoke or titillate, but to engage in critical reflection and imagine a future that is inclusive, equitable, and safe for all. Join us for a thought-provoking art exhibition that aims to shape the future of human sexuality by confronting the proliferation of pornography with works of films, gifs, sculptures, paintings, drawings and photography.